Business Strategy

Our company’s strategy is to increase its cash flow and oil and gas reserves by focusing the company’s experience with workovers and well completions toward the development and exploitation of properties bypassed or sold by bigger companies, as well as finding new oil and gas reserves through exploration projects in the United States. The company also exercises risk management practices by diversifying its operations, branching out into commercial real estate, farming and ranching.

Evertson climbs the learning curve of an area quickly and efficiently by applying its 40 years of experience and utilizing its many industry contacts, learning the area, people, reservoirs, and production problems. Our cadre of well-seasoned personnel supported by a world class team of independent explorationists, engineers, and geologists gives Evertson the technical strength of companies many times our size. We learn an area while working for other companies, pick the reservoirs apart from a geological and engineering standpoint, use our decades of hands-on operational experience to increase production, extend fields through drilling and side tracking, and capture more oil and gas reserves by lowering operating costs in fields sold or ignored by larger companies.

The Evertson Companies combine the strength of the vast knowledge of its key employees, with some of the best independent geologists, geophysicists, and engineers in the United States. Mr. Evertson learned to be flexible and to keep his overhead low by keeping his technical staff small and working closely with aggressive independent engineers, geologists, and geophysicists. This prevents the company’s scope being limited by its staff’s experience and provides the flexibility to economically get the right experts working where they are needed.

Through a flexible team approach the Evertson Companies have been able to enjoy aggressive and continuous growth in the oil and gas industry.