Company Overview

Founded in 1974 by Bruce Evertson, the first Evertson venture was Evertson Well Service, a service company that worked on wells for hundreds of clients in the Rocky Mountain region. Building on the knowledge gained in these operations, the Evertson Companies expanded in 1980 and began building a production base in the U.S. Evertson has since developed into multiple exploration companies with activities in numerous states.

By lowering operating costs and increasing production on acquired properties, washing down bypassed wells, recompleting old wells, initiating secondary recovery projects, and applying effective exploration methods, the Evertson Companies are now the second largest producer in Nebraska, as well as being among the top 100 largest producers throughout the entire Rocky Mountain region.

Evertson companies have shown themselves to be a very progressive group of companies. For example, they were the first to bring horizontal drilling to Nebraska. Furthermore, the Evertson Companies have continually increased their exploration program, while maintaining low overhead by teaming up with world class independent explorationists. Evertson’s growth efforts have included 2-D and 3-D seismic exploitation and exploration projects, horizontal and under-balanced drilling projects, as well as conventional exploration techniques.

Unfortunately, the founder Bruce Evertson has recently passed away in car accident. The Evertson companies are fortunate that Bruce had the foresight and planning for his companies to continue and move forward beyond where his wise guidance and leadership have left them.

Key Personnel